We are transforming the future of work through AI.


We believe the future of work is people working with a digital assistant to be more productive and free to do what humans do best.

We’re a team of scientists, engineers, and innovators, committed to bringing the best of AI to education to support teaching and learning.


Technology can help humanity solve big problems and create a better future for all of us if we choose the right problems to solve. Technology is all about people. We build AI solutions to help people, and our work is only possible because of the amazing people at Merlyn Mind.

Our team

Shom PonothShom Ponoth
Shom Ponoth
Chief Hardware Officer
Sharad SundararajanSharad Sundararajan
Sharad Sundararajan
Co-founder and Chief Software Officer
Evelyn BroundEvelyn Bround
Evelyn Bround
Senior Product Manager
Satya NittaSatya Nitta
Satya Nitta
Co-founder and
 Chief Executive Officer
Hélène AlonsoHélène Alonso
Hélène Alonso
Chief Design Officer
Aditya VempatyAditya Vempaty
Aditya Vempaty
Senior Principal Research Scientist
Latha RamananLatha Ramanan
Latha Ramanan
Chief Product Officer
Levi BelnapLevi Belnap
Levi Belnap
Chief Strategy Officer
Ravindranath KokkuRavindranath Kokku
Ravindranath Kokku
Co-founder and 
Chief Technology Officer
Yasaman AfsharniveYasaman Afsharnive
Yasaman Afsharnive
Product Manager I
Michael DanielMichael Daniel
Michael Daniel
Senior Director of Hardware Operations
Robert SmithRobert Smith
Robert Smith
Senior Principal Engineer, Machine Learning
Max TsouMax Tsou
Max Tsou
VP of Hardware and Product Management
Elsa WagnerElsa Wagner
Elsa Wagner
VP of Finance & Business Operations
Arjun SunilArjun Sunil
Arjun Sunil
Senior Software Engineer II
Molly CrickmanMolly Crickman
Molly Crickman
Director of Design
Prasenjit DeyPrasenjit Dey
Prasenjit Dey
Senior Vice President
Carly LuterbachCarly Luterbach
Carly Luterbach
Senior UI Designer
Vishal Ramjibhai FalduVishal Ramjibhai Faldu
Vishal Ramjibhai Faldu
Staff Engineer - DevOps
Jason MaylandJason Mayland
Jason Mayland
Client Director
Deepak AkkilDeepak Akkil
Deepak Akkil
Director - Engineering - HCI
Paul BajwaPaul Bajwa
Paul Bajwa
Principal Hardware Engineer
Alka DhirAlka Dhir
Alka Dhir
Director - People Operations
Tamer AbuelsaadTamer Abuelsaad
Tamer Abuelsaad
VP of Engineering, Web Technologies
Shyam Krishnan AdissamangalamShyam Krishnan Adissamangalam
Shyam Krishnan Adissamangalam
Data Annotator
Charles PrestiaCharles Prestia
Charles Prestia
Vice President of Sales
Clarissa De OliveiraClarissa De Oliveira
Clarissa De Oliveira
Senior UX Designer
Srinivasa Nanjundasastry KadurSrinivasa Nanjundasastry Kadur
Srinivasa Nanjundasastry Kadur
Staff Engineer - QA
Jason KatcherJason Katcher
Jason Katcher
Vice President of Alliances and Partnerships
Aaron MorenoAaron Moreno
Aaron Moreno
Senior Software Engineer
Allison XiaoAllison Xiao
Allison Xiao
People Operations Specialist
Evan LockEvan Lock
Evan Lock
Vice President of Business Development
Karthik Vikram Kuduva Gopal KabirdossKarthik Vikram Kuduva Gopal Kabirdoss
Karthik Vikram Kuduva Gopal Kabirdoss
Senior Software Engineer
Krzysztof DziemianczykKrzysztof Dziemianczyk
Krzysztof Dziemianczyk
Senior Staff Engineer, Android
Parivallal GopalParivallal Gopal
Parivallal Gopal
Senior Staff Engineer - OS
Sean O'HaraSean O'Hara
Sean O'Hara
Principal Engineer, Applications
Amol NayateAmol Nayate
Amol Nayate
Vice President of Engineering, Applications
Jyothi KumarJyothi Kumar
Jyothi Kumar
Staff Engineer - QA
Gaston SantiagoGaston Santiago
Gaston Santiago
Staff Hardware Project Manager
Pranav Pravin ThombarePranav Pravin Thombare
Pranav Pravin Thombare
Senior Software Engineer I - OS
Ayan Kumar BhowmickAyan Kumar Bhowmick
Ayan Kumar Bhowmick
Staff Scientist - NLP
Harry XuHarry Xu
Harry Xu
Principal Engineer, Android
Abhishek DwarakanathAbhishek Dwarakanath
Abhishek Dwarakanath
Engineering Manager - OS
Thomas YanickyThomas Yanicky
Thomas Yanicky
Director of Network Engineering
Juan PenarrietaJuan Penarrieta
Juan Penarrieta
Vice President of Product Management
Senthil Kumaran KandasamySenthil Kumaran Kandasamy
Senthil Kumaran Kandasamy
Vice President - Engineering