Talk to your tech with Merlyn AI

For the first time in history, computers can speak our language. With the Merlyn AI assistant, you can control classroom technology and access the world’s information with the power of your voice, all with the confidence that it’s private, safe, and secure.

Teaching and learning will never be the same. 

Talk to us about Merlyn
“Merlyn is the first edtech product that is actually making the lives of our teachers easier.”
– Superintendent Michael McCormick, Val Verde Unified School District, CA 

The freedom to teach

When teachers have the time and space to connect with students, the magic of learning happens. But in today’s classrooms, time and space are tough to come by. ​

We expect teachers to be superhuman. To be in two places at once. To connect with a room full of students with diverse learning needs while juggling an endless stream of devices, distractions, and behavior.​

Merlyn, the AI assistant for teachers, is here to help. ​

Merlyn is the only AI solution that meets teachers in the reality of the modern classroom. By easing tech friction, saving time, and making space for deeper teacher-student relationships, Merlyn gives teachers the freedom to teach.​

Meet Merlyn
The AI assistant for teachers
Merlyn’s voice control of technology is like an AI superpower. With Merlyn, teachers can operate their front-of-class display, internet applications, and Merlyn’s generative AI chat from anywhere in the room via voice or remote control.
Merlyn's in-classroom generative AI chat rewards student curiosity, encourages higher-order thinking, and makes kids excited about learning. All with the confidence that it’s private, safe, and secure.
The richest learning experiences come from teacher-student engagement, not from silent classrooms and students staring at screens.​ Merlyn creates a classroom environment that supports flexibility and makes space for the all-important human side of teaching and learning.​
Merlyn solutions
for every teacher
AI for teacher laptops

Designed for the unique privacy, safety, ​and security needs of education. ​

Merlyn’s generative AI capabilities are built on the first LLM designed specifically for the classroom. That means you can be confident Merlyn is pulling from educational content and resources, not from the entirety of the internet. ​​

We do not sell personal information, retain voice audio after processing, or use voice audio to identify individuals. ​

For more on privacy and security, including FERPA and COPPA compliance, visit our Trust Center.