Part of the Merlyn Mind AI team meeting at our office near Bryant Park in Manhattan.

Explore our research and prototypes

Innovation is a core founding principle at Merlyn Mind. We leverage collective thought leadership across widely experienced AI, engineering, product, design, and GTM teams.

At Merlyn AI Labs, we believe useful artificial intelligence and the real benefits of AI advancements are realized when end-to-end solutions are purpose-built for specific industries and their unique workflows and safety needs.

The excitingly fast pace of the AI revolution slows to a crawl at the last mile of realizing useful and reliable real-world applications. Our team – filled with deep-tech innovators from the likes of IBM, Amazon, Meta, Broadcom, Google, and Allen Institute of AI – has seized the baton and is tuning today’s generalist AI models for the unique needs of education.

We envision that showing our work and sharing our breakthroughs will lead to community-wide discourse on how best to realize the potential of AI in specific domains.

Explore our research and prototypes on building and tuning large language models, generative AI, conversational chat, and more for a variety of educational use cases. And we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a note on what you think and how we can improve.

Finally, if you are a technologist who wants to help usher domain-specific solutions for the AI era, discover our open roles here.