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Here’s what we’ve built so far.
Merlyn AI Digital Assistant
Merlyn Software and AI Platform
AI & voice stack
Advanced Signal Processing for voice computing in noisy environments.
Optimized wakeword architecture and remote control to wake Merlyn on demand.
Cloud or local speech processing for advanced privacy options.
Domain specific natural language understanding algorithms for intent recognition.
Deep pattern mining for contextual shortcuts to shorten goal completion time.
Customized operating system to control internet browsers and our EdgeAI™ device.
Air mouse functionality for point and click control of our platform and your computer.
Foundational applications: timers, team maker, media player, Q&A, and globe.
EdgeAI™ Hardware
Powerful 6 core processor and AI accelerator to enable deep learning workloads like speech recognition and Natural Language Understanding to run locally with EdgeAI™ processing.
Seven microphones far field array to detect voice commands from 30 feet.
Remote control enables multimodality with air mouse and a built-in microphone.
Fanless processor to ensure high quality voice computing performance.
Room filling 92 dB low distortion premium sound with 180 degrees of dispersion.
Merlyn Ecosystem

Do you have an EdTech app or device teachers already love? 

Let’s talk about partnership opportunities to make your solution work better with Merlyn to add shortcuts and micro-automations to your products. 

Do you work in another industry than education? 

Let’s talk about opportunities to license our technology so you can create your own private and domain specific voice and AI solutions. 

Contact us at technologypartners@merlyn.org

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