Artificial Intelligence

Question-generation tool automates creation of worksheets, quizzes, and games

AI Labs team
October 30, 2023

As the march of innovation in artificial intelligence hits a dizzying stride, we’re developing useful real-world tools for educators.

Here’s a question-generation prototype that we’re excited about.

One of the things teachers repeatedly do is develop assessments, and we're working on the creation of a safe and grade-appropriate question-generation tool.  

Teachers extensively use question worksheets and quizzes for formative and summative assessment and to improve student engagement. But manually generating quizzes takes a lot of time and is filled with friction.  

Merlyn's question-generation AI will allow teachers to generate automated multiple-choice questions. Teachers will be able to use Merlyn's question-generation AI from their Google Classroom account or by directly logging into the web application.

First, teachers would log into the web app and upload the content for which they want to generate multiple-choice questions. With the click of a button, Merlyn would then generate a set of multiple-choice questions based on that content.  

To keep the teacher in the driver’s seat, the tool lets the user review and edit the questions and answer options. For example, a teacher might change one of the answer options to better match the format of the other options.

The teacher would also be able to provide feedback for any of the questions, and that feedback will help improve our AI. Once the teacher has reviewed the questions, the question set could be stored as a PDF. Merlyn also will allow teachers to save their assessment as a Google Form.

Teachers will be able to generate a variety of questions depending on the subject and learning objectives. For example, a teacher could create questions to assess the Common Core ELA standards around reading such as drawing inferences, understanding theme, determining word meanings in context, and understanding concepts like metaphor.

With AI, it also will be easy to personalize questions and to seamlessly create games that Merlyn can independently run in the classroom.

Watch this space for more development of our question-generation tool.