Merlyn, the digital assistant for education, now integrated with Microsoft

Merlyn Mind
October 30, 2023

Great news for school districts operating on the Microsoft platform: You can now seamlessly leverage the power of Merlyn, the world’s first digital assistant for teachers.

Merlyn, launched in 2021, is built on the Android operating system and has been integrated with Google since its inception. Users log on with their Google credentials and can use the power of their voice to control the Chrome browser and Google apps such as Google Drive, Google Slides and YouTube, among others.

Now Merlyn users can log in with their Microsoft credentials and use their voice to control the Edge browser and browser-based PowerPoint presentations. SharePoint and other tools will be available in the near future.

“We’re excited to extend the reach of Merlyn,” says Merlyn Mind Chief Strategy Officer Levi Belnap. “Our mission is to automate workflows so all teachers can focus on building a better tomorrow, and this move offers the power of Merlyn to so many more classrooms.”

Artificial intelligence in the classroom

Already, teachers from coast to coast are leveraging the power of Merlyn.

“The things Merlyn can do make life so much easier for me as a teacher and allow me to give students the help they need," says one elementary school special education teacher. "It is an amazing product and I love using it!”

The integration of Merlyn with Microsoft applications is now available. Schedule a free demo today at

About Merlyn Mind

Merlyn Mind is the artificial intelligence technology company behind Merlyn, the digital assistant for education. Merlyn seamlessly integrates into classrooms and existing education technology tools to automate everyday workflows for teachers so they can focus more time and attention on students. Merlyn is accessed through Symphony Classroom, an AI hub custom-built for the unique needs of education. The company has attracted top talent from IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Broadcom, the Allen Institute for AI, and other innovative organizations. Merlyn Mind is backed by Learn Capital and headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit