Artificial Intelligence

Merlyn Mind co-founder and CEO shares insight on AI in education, past failures, and the future of the classroom

Merlyn Mind
April 10, 2024

Are 1-on-1 AI tutors the right use of artificial intelligence in education?

Many thanks to Greg Toppo with The 74 for highlighting the challenges and opportunities in AI-driven education and the strides our team at Merlyn Mind is making.

The experiences of Merlyn Mind Co-founder and CEO Dr. Satya Nitta highlight the complexities of replicating human tutoring with AI and underscore the importance of engagement in effective learning.

“The idea that a machine or a chatbot can actually teach as a human can … represents ‘a profound misunderstanding of what AI is actually capable of,’” Dr. Nitta says.

Our team of deep-tech pioneers and education innovators at Merlyn Mind are committed to transforming teaching and learning with AI. Our first product, Merlyn, is an AI voice assistant for teachers that brings safe, high-quality AI conversations into classrooms.  

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