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Merlyn AI assistant for teachers wins Cool Tool Award from EdTech Digest

Merlyn Mind
May 24, 2024

Merlyn, the groundbreaking AI assistant for teachers, has been named a winning “Cool Tool” in the AI solution category of EdTech Digest’s annual EdTech Awards.

A leading source of interviews and trends showcasing the future of learning, EdTech Digest annually honors the best and brightest people, products, and groups working in edtech. Last year, Merlyn won a Trendsetter Award from EdTech Digest.

Merlyn, developed by a team of deep-tech pioneers and education innovators at Merlyn Mind, is the first AI solution to bring safe, high-quality, multimodal AI conversations into classrooms. With Merlyn, teachers can control their classroom technology with the power of their voice and leverage generative AI during active instruction.  

Built on the first LLM designed specifically for education, Merlyn generates content from educational resources, shows attribution to source material, and prioritizes low hallucinations.  

With Merlyn, teachers are untethered from their tech and free to focus on what matters most: their students.  

“AI is so exciting because it allows people to interact with computers much more naturally,” says Merlyn Mind’s Levi Belnap. “Using only their voice, teachers can operate their front-of-class display, laptop, and internet applications from anywhere in the room. That means they can keep their focus on their students, and districts can get the most out of their existing technology investments.”  

Merlyn is already in thousands of classrooms across the United States, including Caldwell County Schools in the Appalachian foothills of North Carolina.  

“There’s no substitution for an in-person teacher and that in-person experience,” says Adrienne Dula, Caldwell County’s elementary director. “But technology integrated to make that in-person learning environment more efficient, more effective, and more engaging is definitely the wave of the future.”

Merlyn is available to districts through Merlyn Origin, a software-based application for teacher laptops, and Newline with Merlyn AI, an integrated front-of-class panel from Newline Interactive.  

To schedule a free Merlyn demo and see how AI can transform teaching and learning in your classrooms, visit ‍