'It’s the best piece of instructional technology we’ve ever been given'

Merlyn Mind
October 30, 2023

More than 50 teachers in North Carolina’s Caldwell County Schools are using a voice-controlled digital assistant in the classroom every day. 

Since November, Merlyn Mind has helped Caldwell’s elementary, middle and high school teachers use their voice to control classroom technology, manage their favorite apps, search the internet, set timers, switch computer inputs, and much, much more. 

Three months after Merlyn and its AI-powered hub Symphony Classroom landed in schools throughout the district, we asked teachers, principals, tech leaders and the superintendent to share their experience. 

“I think it’s the best piece of instructional technology we’ve ever been given,” says Anna Bruton, a teacher at Lower Creek Elementary. “It’s rare that you get something in your classroom that’s not just for data collection or to look good. Merlyn is something you can use all day, every day.” 

With Symphony Classroom, teachers can use the remote or just say, “Hey Merlyn.”

Across the district, Merlyn is saving time and reducing stress, freeing teachers to engage with their students, not technology. 

“It's about deeply understanding human workflows and the teacher’s workflow,” says Merlyn Co-founder and CEO Satya Nitta. “All the successful AI applications on the planet are domain-specific. They're solving well-scoped problems and they're deeply aware of the workflow of the specific task they're doing.”

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