Meet Merlyn,
the AI assistant
for education

Does AI belong in your classroom?

If it frees you to just teach
If it creates more human interaction, not less
If it is built for the privacy and security needs of education

Then yes!

What is Merlyn?

Merlyn is the AI assistant built just for education.

What does Merlyn do?

Merlyn automates workflows and allows teachers and students to interact naturally with the technology in their classrooms. Using voice commands or touch, they can operate their front-of-class display, laptop, and internet applications from anywhere in the room. Soon, Merlyn also will offer a ChatGPT-like generative AI experience that’s built specifically for the privacy and security needs of schools.

Why is Merlyn revolutionary?

With Merlyn, tech friction disappears into the background so teachers can do what teachers do best – maintain the flow of class, increase engagement, and drive successful learning outcomes.