Meet Merlyn

The digital assistant for teachers.

We believe the future of work is
people using a digital assistant to
be more productive and free to do
what humans do best.

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Teachers have so much to juggle at work.
Merlyn gives teachers what they want most, freedom to teach.
How Merlyn is different
  • Responds to voice, touch, or remote control.
  • Built just for education environments.
  • Provides shortcuts to make work better.
  • Natural to use by design.

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Merlyn with

Symphony Classroom is an AI hub, remote control, and AI software platform custom built for the unique needs of education and the privacy and security needs of schools.

Works with the technology you already have in the classroom

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Educators spoke. We responded.

“What my students really need is more of my time and attention.”

How can Merlyn help?

Merlyn helps you quickly and naturally control classroom technology, so you have more time to focus on your students.

How can Merlyn help?

Merlyn meets you where you are. Control the apps and tech you already love with Merlyn.

“I don’t just need one more app. I have so many apps already.”

“It has to be safe, secure, and designed to work in busy classrooms.”

How can Merlyn help?

Designed exclusively for the complexity of classrooms and the privacy and security needs of schools.

How can Merlyn help?

Merlyn is natural to use with voice or remote control and provides you with visual hints, so you don't have to remember commands.

“I don’t have time for endless professional development to learn how to use one more tech tool.”

Teachers love Merlyn

“With Merlyn, I can literally be in two places at the same time.”

- Middle School Social Studies Teacher

"I love it because it means I'm no longer looking at a screen, and every moment I'm not looking at a screen is a moment I'm looking at a student."

- High School English Teacher

“I admire Merlyn Mind’s approach, working hand-in-hand with teachers to design something that’s truly beneficial to today’s teachers and their students.”

- Middle School Language Teacher

“I can’t picture teaching without Merlyn at this point. It’s taken away the stress that comes with balancing time management and still finding time to be accessible to the needs of my students.”

- Elementary School Teacher

“The things Merlyn can do makes life so much easier for me as a teacher and allows me to give students the help they need. It is an amazing product and I love using it!”

- Elementary Special Education Teacher